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23 July 2018


To whom it may concern,

This is a testimonial for Margaret Galewski of Galezano Insurance.

My husband doesn't like many insurance agents - he claims they are too pushy, and use too much jargon. But when he and I sat down across the desk from Margaret Galewski, he changed his mind.

Margaret is different. She takes the time to explain all the policy terms, and she is dedicated to making sure that we have the right policy for the right price, not just the cheapest, or her favorite. The advice she gives is aimed at the customer needs.

Her way of doing business fills my husband with confidence. And he really likes the way she does business. We will probably never shop for another insurance company or agent again. Margaret is who we want to deal with.

Because after all, people do business with people, not with companies.


Madeline Chen

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness with Maddy

Maddy Chen
Great Service and people!! Thank you for your help today!!

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